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Local Shops in Fort Walton Beach

Top 5 Must-Visit Local Shops in Fort Walton Beach

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What’s a vacation without a little shopping? The best way to remember a trip is by picking up some special keepsakes at the local shops around town. Check out some of our favorite local shops and don’t forget to buy something for yourself!

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5 Reasons To Plan A Beach Wedding

There are so many great reasons to have a beach wedding, but we’ve taken the liberty of listing our top 5. Many bride-to-be’s are speculative when it comes to beach weddings. The unpredictable outdoors make a lot of planners weary. However, there are so many benefits to having your special day at the beach that can make your “I dos” a beautiful, one-of-a-kind experience.   

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10 Best Beach Buys For Under $20

From beach balls to Bokos, there’s a great variety of beach gadgets available. Whether you’re prepping for the holidays, or just looking for the perfect gift for the beach lover in your family, this handy list is a great way to help get you started.

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10 Reasons Why the Beach is Better Than Disney

There’s a reason why central Florida is the vacation hot spot of the world. It’s all about the mouse ears. But, what if I told you that Disney World isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Here are ten reasons why Fort Walton Beach might be the better vacation destination of choice:

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Top 10 Must-Do Activities for 1st Time FL Visitors

Have you been dreaming of visiting sunny Florida? Florida is a popular vacation destination for many, with a lot of great places to visit. So how do you determine where you should go and what you should see as a first time Florida visitor? To make it easier for you here is a compiled list of 10 things first time Florida visitors should do and see.

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