10 Best Beach Buys For Under $20

10 Best Beach Buys For Under $20

From beach balls to Bokos, there’s a great variety of beach gadgets available. Whether you’re prepping for the holidays, or just looking for the perfect gift for the beach lover in your family, this handy list is a great way to help get you started.

Death Star Beach Ball


For the Star Wars fan in us all. What’s better than the Death Star in the movies? A Death Star at the Beach. Any Star Wars fan will appreciate the impact activated lights inside too. Makes for a great stocking stuffer! (And already comes with batteries.) $6.07

Reserved Beach Towel


Really want to save your lounge chair by the pool or that perfect spot at the beach? Fend off those spot stealers with this towel that;s bold enough to get the point across. $16.43

Sand Off Mitt


Using towels to get the sand off is just another way sand gets carried into your car and then your house – before you know it, you’ve brought the beach with you! This clever little terry cloth mitt makes sand removal from antsy children a quick and easy process. $4.98

SAFEGO Vacation Vault


Time to stop looking over your shoulder to see if your belongings are safe and start enjoying those beach waves. The reinforced, portable Vacation Vault not only protects your valuables from damage, but keeps everything locked securely with either a key or combination code. And a sturdy cord makes it easy to attach to a lounge chair or cooler. $20

Sealed Wet Bag


Not only are theses bags pretty trendy, but they’re versatile to boot! Keep your valuables waterproof in these BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Lead-Free and CPSIA compliant bags. When they’ve seen too many days at the beach, simply throw them in the washing machine. A perfect gift for the stylish traveler. $17.99

Waterproof Playing Cards


You don’t have to worry about this game getting ruined by the elements. For those days you just want to relax in the sand with a cold one, grab these beach proof playing cards to pass the time. They’re made out of PVC, so they can handle even the most intense game of Texas Hold’em. $7.29

Motorized Paper Boats


Caution: this kind of excitement tends to bring out the pirate in us all! Don’t worry – the special paper that comes with these kits are waterproof, so your boats will stay afloat longer, (you can use any paper that will float). The little pull-cord motors send your creation off for 10-second runs. It’s a great DIY project for kids and is the perfect addition to any sandcastle moat! If you are venturing to the Sound of Okaloosa Island, the water is calm enough for the kids to test their ships in open waters. $11.99

Waterproof Speaker


While this speaker is meant for showers, we couldn’t pass up the affordability, and it’s great for sticking onto the side of a cooler! Since it’s bluetooth, you can listen to tunes straight from your phone. Sandy hands? Take calls through the speaker’s built-in microphone. $18.95

My Cabana Boy


Hitting the beach solo? When asking a stranger to help apply sunscreen is just not an option, get to those hard to reach places with the Cabana Boy sunscreen applicator. The handy applicator extends the reach of almost any regular spray can of sunscreen. $13.99

Bokos Sandals


These durable, one-piece sandals can handle even the busiest beach days. Great for kids and adults alike! And, because they are non-porous, they’re easy to clean and won’t carry odor. Also, with all those slippery docks and walk-ways you’ll be treading on, these sandals will help prevent you from taking any tumbles. $18


**These suggestions are the opinions of Fort Walton Beaches and are not endorsements or promotions for said products.

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