Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

Big Kahuna's

Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

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Adventure  is always near when you visit Fort Walton Beach! Are you and your family seeking a break from the heat and all that salt water? If the answer is yes, then take a refreshing plunge into some fun at Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park!

It’s the prime location for  loads of wavy family fun. From rides, slides, waves, rivers, and pools, Big Kahuna’s has it all! Don’t believe us? Check this out:

Your family will love all the rides and slides offered throughout the entire park:

  • Kowabunga racer: allows you to grab a speed mat and race your friends and family down a watery hill. It’s all speed…and no breaks! 
  • Hammerhead: consists of two slides which curve alongside one another around the temple of doom! Race your friends and family from the top and see who will make it out of the temple first.
  • Jumanji: is the pure definition of a slippery free fall! The slide consists of a 70 foot drop fueled on pure adrenaline and lots of fear. Oh…and did we mention it’s in the dark? 
  • Cobra twist: allows you to twist and turn down a single slide which slips right into the lazy river! Sounds fast and in the end very refreshing! 
  • Monkey river: will literally make you go bananas! Get ready for sharp 360 degree turns and constant watery speed. 
  • Maui pipeline slides: consist of a total of three slides side by side, which takes you down a fast watery adventure into a cool pool! 
  • Tiki river run: consists of sharp twists, turns, and of course quirky waterfalls! The slide permits you to go down by yourself or with a friend.

Never fear, there’s much more in store; we’ve got waves, rivers, and pools next:

  • Honolulu half pipe: means surf’s up everyday at Big Kahuna’s! It consists of 17,000 gallons of water per minute. Let’s see if you can hang ten along some of the craziest waves in Fort Walton! 
  • The wave pool: is a more relaxed setting for the entire family, no matter the age! So, make sure to put on your goggles and begin swimming over those classic crystal waves! 
  • Bombs away bay: consists of a watery oasis of colorful slides, witty waterfalls, and lots of space to splash around with the family. 
  • The three rivers (Humunga, Racing Rhino, and Thunder): all three rivers consist of a unique transition of tube racing and relaxing. Pick which river suites the thrill you are seeking for the day.

The tots need some fun in the sun too! Check out these kiddie rides:

  • Kid slides: all slides are nestled away in a quieter off shore adventure. It’s the perfect place for young minds to explore. 
  • Fun fountains: include a variety of different fountains ranging in shapes and sizes in a low depth pool. 
  • Pleasure island: is geared just for the little ones! It includes low depth pools, an amazing waterfall, smaller age appropriate slides.

If you are looking to seek heights and utter thrills take time out of your day to experience some of Big Kahuna’s dry adventures:

  • The cyclone: picture yourself being at the end of a 160 foot airplane propeller…and then spinning round and round in circles.  Do you dare to get strapped in? 
  • Sky coaster: ever imagined flying? Now is your chance to make that dream a reality! This thrill ride allows you to hang 100 feet in the air while swooping you back and forth at 60 MPH! Do you think you can hang…literally?

Wait…want to stay dry and hang on the ground? Explore these fun extra options offered:

  • Tropical minigolf: provides 54 challenging holes total, throughout 3 adventure courses to play with your family and friends. 
  • The gift shop: remember your time at Big Kahuna’s, by stopping by one of their gift shops for a memorable item!

There are over 40 attractions that you will not find over at the beach! Come on and stop by for a splash, you won’t regret it!

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