10 Reasons Why the Beach is Better Than Disney

10 Reasons Why the Beach is Better Than Disney

There’s a reason why central Florida is the vacation hot spot of the world. It’s all about the mouse ears. But, what if I told you that Disney World isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Here are ten reasons why Fort Walton Beach might be the better vacation destination of choice:

No six hour queues. The only line you may wait in is a line for the bathrooms or for something sweet and frozen. And even then, it’s not a two-hour wait time and there are absolutely no FastPasses necessary.

No $20 Parking. (Yes, it’s that much just to park.) And while most beaches offer free parking, the one’s that do charge are usually no more than $5.

Enjoy your own tunes. You can change the theme anytime you like. Or, just soak in the sounds of the steady waves. It’s like your own piece of zen.

You can bring your own food. No bag checks or $8 hot dogs. Just hit up a Publix and pack a few chicken tender subs (a.k.a. Pub-Subs), and sweet tea.

There is plenty of room! The Emerald Coast offers an array of little parks and scenic spots to lay your towel, so you’ll never feel crowded. It the beaches are still too busy, you can always play a few rounds of golf, pamper yourself at the spa, or hit up the local arcade!

No shirt or shoes required! And no one will judge you for it. Nobody actually cares if you have a beach body or not. Just enjoy yourself!

No desperate search for air conditioning. There’s always a refreshing breeze at the beach or a soothing sea spray. And, if you get a little warm, just take a dip in the Emerald clear waters.

You don’t have to walk for five miles unless you actually want to. The coastline is vast, and worth strolling along. It’s always changing – you’ll never know what you’ll find. At Disney, walking around all day is an inescapable necessity.

You don’t need to search everywhere for a bench. At the beach, seating is everywhere!

No months of planning required, and no need to meticulously plan every step of your vacation for fear of not seeing everything. There’s plenty of beach to go around. For those traveling from out of state, there are plenty of places to stay. Fort Walton Beach, of course, has its busy seasons, so be sure to call ahead of time.

Make Fort Walton Beach Your Destination

So, while everyone else is miserably waiting in lines for 2 minutes worth of fun, you can revel in your own piece of paradise without the crows, the large price tag or the hassles. Whether it’s during the hot summer months or for the holidays, Fort Walton Beach makes for the perfect, quiet family getaway.

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