A Guide to Kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach


A Guide to Kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach

Water sports are some of the most thrilling experiences to take advantage of when vacationing in Fort Walton Beach. Kiteboarding is a fascinating water sport that takes skill, yet can be learned within a few lessons. Kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach offers gentle gulf waters that are perfect for kiteboarding, especially for beginners.

What exactly is kiteboarding?

According to Air Padre kiteboarding is an adventure water sport that consists of using a large steerable kite to pull yourself around on a board on top of the water. The kites are controlled through the bar and lines that connect to your harness, which is worn around your midsection. The kite can be flown in certain patterns to create power to jump high in the air. This water sport is an extreme sport and is advised to not be done without having a few lessons first. However, equipment has been improved over the years, providing kiteboarders with better safety features and making the sport easier to learn. There are many variations to the sport as well.

Where to take lessons?

You should take lessons as a beginner kiteboarder for your safety and the safety of others. Here are some places to take lessons while visiting Fort Walton Beach:

  • Florida Kiteboarding: At Florida Kiteboarding you have the opportunity to explore three different lesson opportunities. The Get Up and Go Lesson Package includes three (3) hour sessions. These lessons are semi-private and all you need to bring is the proper water going attire. This intense course will really get you ready to take your beginning kiteboarding skills to the next level. The other options include private lessons and something they call ground school. Ground school starts you on a trainer kite to give you a taste of what is to come. You can upgrade your ground school lesson to a more in depth package if you decide you like it.
  • XL Kites:  XL Kites offer different options as well to help you become a kiteboarder in no time. They offer three different lessons, broken up into 3 hour sessions. Each lesson progresses in skill. You can opt to take just one lesson or go ahead and bundle them all together.

Where to find equipment?

Here are few places you can buy equipment for kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach. As buying kiteboarding equipment is  an investment you should ensure that you love the sport before making the purchase.

  • Florida Kiteboarding: Here you can find all of your kiteboarding equipment if you are ready to buy. Check for deals, as they regularly have items on sale.
  • XL Kites: In addition to lessons XL Kites offer kiteboarding equipment, from beginner to advanced. They offer trainer kites for those just starting out,  which is a great option for beginners. They also sell used gear. There is always something different in the used section, and it’s a great way to get good deals on equipment. So check regularly to see what is available.

Where to kiteboard in Fort Walton Beach?

Your decision on where to go kiteboarding typically reflects upon the weather that day or the wind in that area. Also you must consider the amount of people out and about, especially if you are fairly new to kiteboarding. You may know what you’re doing but others around you may not. Here are a few ideal launching places to go kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach.

  • Leeside Park on Okaloosa Island is a popular launch spot. It is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, so just be aware of park rules and respectful to the environment.
  • Beasley Park is right across the highway from Leeside Park. There is typically a little bit of gulf chop here, with a southerly wind.
  • The Boardwalk is also a popular location, yet it is typically very crowded, so it may not be ideal for a beginner.
  • The Dunes is a location away from most beach users. Locals tend to go here to escape the touristy areas. Be aware that it is a part of a nature preserve.

Kiteboarding in Fort Walton Beach is an amazing experience if you are willing to put a little hard work into learning the sport. Next time you are in Fort Walton Beach try it out. It does the heart and mind good to learn something new. For more info on Fort Walton Beach fun check out our blog!

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