10 Planes at the Air Force Armament Museum


10 Planes at the Air Force Armament Museum

Spanning a history that goes back to 1935, Eglin Air Force Base serves as a reminder of America’s strength and courage over the years.  Located right outside Eglin is the Air Force Armament Museum. This museum is home to such treasures as World War II era prop planes, to the fastest plane to ever take flight.  The museum offers free admission and houses some remarkable pieces of history.  These are just a few of the exhibits the museum has to offer.

Air Force Armament Planes



The Air Force Armament Museum houses over 29 different aircraft exhibits as well as many other pieces of weaponry and tools used by the America’s aerial forces over the years.  With so many things to see, the museum provides both an educational and an entertaining experience for all.  Whether a history enthusiast or just someone who loves planes, visitors to Eglin should definitely stop and see this wonderful museum.

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