How To Blend In With Floridians

How To Blend In With Floridians

A real, sun-shine state born and raised Floridian is about as rare a find as a unicorn these days. Most folks in Florida have moved down from the tri-state area to escape snow and seasons and short commutes between home and work.

However, if by chance you happen to come across a rare Floridian, it’s important to know how to interact with them and avoid their snow bird radar.

Blend-In Checklist

Know the difference between scallops and oysters.

Wear flip flops. Everywhere.

Don’t drive slow or super fast. Be sure to use signals and use proper road etiquette. It’s really what we all want. 

Study up on all things Disney.

Have an acceptance of erratic weather and never carry an umbrella.

Die hard Floridians love their Publix. This is one of the top grocery stores in Florida.

When you go to Publix, it is called a “buggy” not a shopping cart. 

Florida is indeed part of the South. 

Y’all is proper speech. 

Sir and Ma’am is just a Floridian giving you respect. If they don’t say this, then you should be offended, or you’re just not speaking with a true Floridian. 

Wearing sunglasses on your head is proper hair attire, and is ok to be worn on your head at night, as you never go anywhere without your sunglasses. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Canada, anything under 70 degrees is too cold for Florida.

Any storm under a category 3 is an excuse for a party.

Be invited to a hurricane party.

Express your deep hatred of love bugs.

A gator that isn’t over 6 feet is just meh.

Yes we have bears. The panhandle is full of Black Bears. 

NEVER feed the seagulls – they are devil birds that reap havoc on your unsuspecting chicken tender Pub sub.

Know what a chicken tender Pub sub is.

Know Florida’s seasons: hurricane season, love bug season, tourist season, snow bird season and summer.

Don’t panic over that funny noise outside at night – it’s just the mosquito truck.

Respect the Sea Turtles.

You cannot swim with manatees in the wild.

Respect the beaches. Always clean up after yourself. 

Be prepared for humidity, after all it is a tropical paradise. 

Always carry sunscreen and chapstick.

Learn the Stingray Shuffle

Measure distances in minutes, not miles.

Sweet Tea is as popular as water in Florida.

“Coke” is what you might call, Soda, Pop or Soda-Pop. Coke is universal in Florida. 

Now that you know the basics, and are able to enjoy Florida like a local, what are you waiting for? Come see what the Sunshine State is all about.

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