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10 Planes at the Air Force Armament Museum

Spanning a history that goes back to 1935, Eglin Air Force Base serves as a reminder of America’s strength and courage over the years.  Located right outside Eglin is the Air Force Armament Museum. This museum is home to such treasures as World War II era prop planes, to the fastest plane to ever take flight.  The museum offers free admission and houses some remarkable pieces of history.  These are just a few of the exhibits the museum has to offer.

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10 Reasons Why the Beach is Better Than Disney

There’s a reason why central Florida is the vacation hot spot of the world. It’s all about the mouse ears. But, what if I told you that Disney World isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Here are ten reasons why Fort Walton Beach might be the better vacation destination of choice:

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The Wildlife of Fort Walton Beach

The Emerald Coast is teeming with a variety of remarkable animals. Whether you’re on land or on the sea, you’re likely to come across one of Florida’s unique creatures. Fort Walton Beach wildlife is bountiful if you know what to look for and where.

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7 Water Thrills of Fort Walton Beach

Looking for a thrill? While the Emerald Coast is ripe with many visual splendors and sugary shores, there is so much more the ocean has to offer in ways of excitement. A number of water-based activities await both experienced daredevils and newcomers alike. Adrenaline seekers, take note.

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Fishing Tips From Fort Walton Beach Locals

Whether you’re fishing Choctawhatchee Bay or offshore of Fort Walton Beach, you’ll need a solid strategy. Amberjack, Gag Grouper and sharks of many types migrate to these Gulf Coast waters, and so do the fishermen.

Fishing is a sport that is just as cutting edge as any other. Carbon fiber, laser honed, stainless steel and billet aluminum are just as present as in any Olympic sport. But what local secrets are locked away in garages, bay boats and offshore rigs of the locals?

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