Best Fishing Spots in Fort Walton Beach

best fishing spots in fort walton beach

Best Fishing Spots in Fort Walton Beach

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While there’s no shortage of fish in Fort Walton Beach, you may be wondering where should you cast your line? Here’s a few of the best fishing spots in Fort Walton Beach for the best fishing all year long.

Okaloosa Island Pier

Okaloosa Island Pier is the #1 spot for fishing in Fort Walton Beach for locals and tourists alike! You’ll never know what type of Gulf fish you’ll catch when you cast your line off the 1,262 foot pier located on the west end of Okaloosa Island. The pier offers anything you would need for a day of fishing, including licenses, equipment for sale or rent, and bait. The most common fish caught off the pier are Redfish, Tarpon, Mackerel, Ladyfish, and Hardtails, but it’s no surprise when other exotic species get pulled from the water.

Marler Bridge

Sitting at the east end of Okaloosa Island, the Marler Bridge connects the island to Destin making it a hotspot for local fisherman. When casting your line off the bridge, there’s a good chance you’ll be hooking a Sheepshead, Black Snapper or a Redfish. If your fish is within the required limits, feel free to take it home with you. Fishing off of Marler Bridge is free and legal, as long as you stay within the posted locations.

Beach/Surf Fishing

Classic surf fishing gives you freedoms that bridges and piers can’t offer, all while staying away from the crowds. The best places for public beach fishing are behind the Santa Rosa Boulevard Condos and the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk, but there are plenty of public beaches that are more secluded on the east end of the island that are perfect for surf fishing. Find yourself a spot away from swimmers, set up a chair and cast your line.

West Jetties

The West Jetties are a place for those looking for a challenge. Those fishing off the sometimes hazardous giant rock pile will want to pack light and use caution when climbing over massive boulders to reach their fishing spot. The difficult journey will pay off when you start catching the Grouper, Snapper, or Spanish Mackerel found in the area. Just make sure to watch out for snorkelers, surfers, and passing watercrafts.


You don’t have to look far when searching for fishing charters in Fort Walton Beach because the area is one of the top commercial fishing locations on the Gulf Coast! Charters are great for those who want to make the most out of their fishing trip, but may not know where to start. Experienced captains and crew will guide you through all the best fishing locations as you cast your line during a charter that can range anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours. There are different types of charter fishing excursions that will offer a variety of fishing experiences for individuals, families, or large groups.

Between the countless amount of hidden fishing spots and the wide variety of local fish, it’s no surprise that Florida is the fishing capital of the world, (at least in our opinion.) So go on and grab your rod and reel and cast your line at one of the best fishing spots in Fort Walton Beach.


*Please note that Florida requires a fishing license and is required for anyone over the age of 16. For more information visit

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